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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we install the buildings?

Yes, we install nearly all of our buildings, saving you the time and hassle and ensuring it all fits together correctly. We have our professional assembly team ready for you to help to erect your garden building. For quotation kindly call our friendly Sales Representative at 01777 802300.

Is the base needed?

It is essential that all garden buildings are assembled on a solid level base. This will ensure that the construction of your building goes smoothly and will deter any future issues such as doors/windows dropping out of alignment and becoming difficult to operate. It can also become a source of water leakage.
Assembling a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to invalidate any warranty provided with your building.

How do we process Pressure Treated Timbers?

To some, pressure treating timber is akin to creating a work of art. There are multiple steps, each precise, but the result is a high-quality product that lasts much longer than untreated wood. During the pressure treating process, the timber is dried naturally using a kiln or air flow. All moisture is removed from the wood which preps it for the next step. Soon after, the timber is placed in a pressure treatment tank where a vacuum is used to remove all of the air. The tank is filled with a wood preservative, and once the timber has been treated for a sufficient amount of time the liquid is then removed via vacuum. Ultimately, it’s the low pressure of the timber that draws in the preservatives deep into the grain, thus creating a fully treated end product. Typically, you can identify pressure treated timber by its green tinge finish. Pressure treated timber stands up amazingly well against the weather, increasing its longevity. Keep in mind that if you saw or cut away a strip of pressure treated wood, you should immediately coat the exposed ends with a high-quality preservative. When it comes to sheds, there are dozens of choices that vary by durability, design and other factors (bike sheds and dog kennels also count). It doesn’t matter if you have an apex shed, a wooden garden shed with shiplap cladding, a tall garden shed, corner summer houses or even a simple garden office, there are multiple advantages to buying a pressure treated shed corner summer house.

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